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Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides complete flexibility in field service operations, supporting a variety of essential field service functions. By providing a system that offers both improved communication and increased automation, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system helps improve the productivity and efficiency of your field service team.

Key Capabilities

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 system helps improve your business’ field service operations with a full suite of tools and functions, including:

  • Contract Management: Speed and organization are important factors in winning and renewing contracts, which is why contract management is so essential. The contract management suite of functions helps track opportunities and engage leads as soon as they come in. By supporting a quoting system, providing templates and saving service agreements, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system supports your contract and work order system, improving your company’s organization and speed.
  • Scheduling and Dispatching: The field service suite makes managing people and equipment easier than ever with flexible scheduling and dispatching tools. The drag-and-drop schedule board enables dispatchers to easily set schedules and assign resources, while the scheduling system automates the majority of scheduling functions. The system also helps by matching technicians with appropriate workloads, optimizing routes and automatically re-optimizing schedules to maximize daily productivity. The system also prioritizes customers according to the urgency of their request and their history with your business.
  • Inventory Tracking: Track the inventory of your field service trucks and technicians and match it up with your inventory across locations and your incoming stock. Not only does the system automate your inventory tracking, but it also improves accuracy and automates reordering functions, saving your staff time and resources so they can focus on serving your customers. Additionally, by ensuring inventory is kept up, customers can be helped more efficiently with fewer re-stocking trips.
  • Mobile Capabilities: Your field technicians are mobile, so your system should be mobile, too. Leverage mobile applications to their fullest and enable your technicians to view both real time and offline data on customer information, scheduling updates, inventory and business notifications. Additionally, with mobile apps, technicians can be prepared to handle jobs as they come even more efficiently. Mobile apps make it easier for technicians to track their work, take photos, log their hours, find the best route to customers and communicate with other technicians for advice.
  • Improved Communications: Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a more connected field service system that allows dispatchers and technicians to communicate more freely. This way, technicians can be dispatched as soon as possible, troubleshooting and resolving issues quickly for improved customer service. This extends to the customer experience as well, by allowing your company to promptly inform customers of their technicians’ arrival times and receive customer responses.


Key Benefits

With these intelligent business applications for your field service operations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the best tools available. With these capabilities, your business can benefit from:

  • Improved Customer Experiences: By keeping customers informed throughout their interaction with your field service department, you can improve their brand loyalty and increase the chances of gaining repeat business.
  • Maximized Communication: Providing communicative tools and resources for your dispatchers and technicians allows your team to work more quickly, improving productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Empower Technicians: Give your technicians the tools they need to get their field services done right the first time. With comprehensive communicative tools and mobile resources, your technicians can complete jobs quickly.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your field service team make the most of your business day. With Winfosoft, it can do even more. As a Microsoft ERP Gold Certified Partner, we are known for our incredible customer service. Our team uses our years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help our customers make the most of the system, improving functionality and giving them the competitive edge they need.
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