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Customer Service

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service system enables consistent experiences for customers using an omni-channel support system that supports both self and assisted service engagements in any combination. This way, your agents have the support they need to provide efficient services and improved customer service.

Customer Service Capabilities

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service system offers a variety of functions and capabilities, each of which contributes to improved customer service and productivity. These include:

  • Omni-Channel Engagement: Engage customers across a variety of channels and on any device. This unified platform guarantees consistent customer service by delivering personalized services with ease. This is facilitated by providing customer information to agents, generating real-time insights and promoting chat and co-browsing functions, among other features.
  • Self-Service and Community Functions: An increasing number of customers prefer to get answers themselves or through online communities. By providing both through a branded experience, you provide a fulfilling experience for customers that will keep them coming back. This experience is helped by the system’s intuitive forums and blog platforms, searching capabilities, mobile optimizations and customer portals.
  • Agent Tools: Empower your agents by providing them with a complete desktop and mobile platform for their sales functions. Comprehensive tools in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, like real-time analytics, customer information collection and communication tools, arm your agents with the capabilities they need to boost their productivity. Additionally, the system provides a user-friendly interface designed to encourage your agents with gamified rewards systems and guidance.
  • Centralized Knowledge: A unified system for collecting and storing knowledge provides your team with a single source of information across your channels. Tag certain pieces of information to make them easier to find during searches, optimize articles for mobile readability and enable your team to create content easily with this intuitive knowledge system.
  • Service Intelligence: Collecting and visualizing your data empowers your business by allowing decision makers to identify trends and opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps by providing business intelligence insights on interactive, personalized dashboards that allow you to both visualize your general data and drill into the specifics. Both allow your business to identify opportunities for improvement across your enterprise.


Customer Service Benefits

With these capabilities, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service system benefits your company by:

  • Earning Loyalty: Increase customers’ loyalty to your brand by providing more meaningful interactions across their experience.
  • Empowering Agents: Enable your agents to deliver more effective service by giving them all the tools they need in a single application.
  • Improving Agility: Keep up with innovation through actionable insights that anticipate customers’ changing needs, as well as your brand’s.


Why Winfosoft?

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