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Attracting and keeping talent is always a challenge, but with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, organizations can optimize their strategies to create a more collaborative, high-performance experience throughout the employee lifecycle. The system provides a talent-centric approach, empowered by cloud and mobile capabilities and innovative software features. The result is operational excellence.

Key Capabilities

The key capabilities you’ll find with this application are:

  • Hiring Functions: Create and deliver a more effective recruiting experience for potential employees, showcasing your organization in the best light to attract top talent and keep them interested. Create collaborative experiences for candidates, keeping them engaged and informed at every stage of the hiring process so you retain the best people throughout the interview cycle. With calendar coordination tools, automated scheduling and mobile integrations for interview feedback, your business can shorten time to hire and make your business more attractive to top candidates.
  • Onboarding: Help your new hires achieve more during training and set them up for a productive beginning to their careers. Dynamics 365 for Talent helps by streamlining the onboarding and training processes with customizable onboarding guides, customizable resource sharing options and collaborative contact tools. The system even supports gamified achievement systems, creating task lists with milestones to encourage employees throughout their training cycle.
  • Performance Indicators: Engage and encourage your employees with a system that rewards high performers and fosters a culture of excellence. The Dynamics 365 system for Talent offers real time performance visibility for employees, allowing them to see how their work impacts your organization as a whole through dashboards and visualizations. The system also encourages high performers by setting achievements and allowing for more communication between employees and managers.
  • Development Support: Track employee accomplishments more easily through employee insights, which not only suggest the next best action for an employee’s professional growth but also monitor performance and continuing education efforts to ensure employees meet expectations for growth and development.
  • Reports and Analyses: Empower your workforce with comprehensive reporting tools. Not only can the Dynamics 365 system provide comprehensive, contextualized and user-friendly reports, but it also brings data to life through personalized dashboards, allowing employees to understand and use data in their daily operations.
  • Empower Employees: Give your employees the power they need to manage their careers, allowing them to see their performance, plan courses and prepare for reviews. This helps encourage productivity and pride in the organization.
  • Optimize Human Resources: Drive your business’ performance with streamlined processes and programs, automating redundant HR functions so that your HR team can focus on your talent. This can help cut costs and promote internal efficiency in administrative functions.


Key Benefits

These tools and capabilities help businesses of all types improve their:

  • Talent Acquisition: Promote your brand as an employer by developing an engaging and interesting recruiting experience, so you keep the top candidates interested in your business and accelerate your hiring processes.
  • Employee Success: Foster a culture of success in your organization through gamification and responsiveness, so your employees are satisfied and motivated to do their best.
  • Operational Excellence: By streamlining your processes and focusing on the most effective programs, you optimize your costs and drive your employees toward a culture of high performance.


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