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Social Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a Social Engagement system, which helps your business harness the incredible powers of social media. By leveraging social media, your sales teams, customer service representatives and marketing personnel can gather crucial insights to build your organization’s reputation and connect more closely with customers. From business intelligence to marketing efforts, social engagement can give you a competitive advantage.

Key Capabilities

The key capabilities you’ll have with this system include:

  • Social Insights: Give your organization, and everyone in it, the ability to make the most of social insights. With easy set ups and user-friendly role configuration, anyone can see customer data and trends and truly hear what your customers are saying about your business. The system even makes sentiment analysis and lead development easier, with automatic sentiment tags and intent identification software that spots the themes in customer comments and allows your business to react quickly and appropriately.
  • Brand Reputation: Reputation is everything in the business world, so managing the presentation of your business is essential. In the social age, this also includes word-of-mouth. For this reason, it’s important to keep tabs on your business’ social standing, identifying common themes in comments and conversations and reacting accordingly. The system facilitates this by analyzing your social standing and alerting your Marketing and PR teams when post volume and sentiment changes, allowing your business to get ahead of any potential damage.
  • Social Care: Managing social media inquiries is another key challenge in today’s world. While accuracy is important, quick response times are equally essential, which is why the Microsoft Social Engagement app offers omni-channel engagement, communication avenues and intelligent customer care tools. Give your agents the information they need to respond to inquiries quickly and expand the range of channels across which customers can communicate with your business.
  • Social Selling: Leverage social media more effectively for your sales team by gathering intelligence, finding leads and building credibility. With social media analysis tools, the Microsoft Social Engagement application identifies trends and potential leads for your agents to follow up and automatically collects information about customers and their interactions with your business. In combination with the other tools listed, this can enable your business to improve credibility and reputation, encouraging sales.


Key Benefits

These functions have helped businesses of all industries and sizes realize incredible benefits. With this social engagement system, your business can:

  • Connect With Customers: Meet and engage with customers on nearly any channel, from social media to website chat spaces and forums.
  • Empower Your Organization: With a centralized social engagement system, employees from any department can provide a unified voice for your organization while collecting the information they need to improve productivity.
  • Create Real Results: Social media is more than likes and shares — it’s actionable data. Use the business intelligence tools in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system to visualize data and develop action plans to improve your business outcomes.


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