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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is a complete retail solution for organizations, offering sales, intelligence and productivity solutions for retailers of all sizes. From merchandising and inventory to point of sale, the Retail application provides comprehensive support for a more effective customer experience.

Key Capabilities

The capabilities you’ll find when you integrate this application into your business operations include:

  • Security: Dynamics 365 for Retail is a cloud-based service with 99.9% uptime, meeting stringent security and compliance guidelines to ensure the integrity of your business data.
  • Modern POS: The solution includes a unified point of sale system that is cloud engineered and designed. Optimized to run on Windows, iOS, Android and Web systems, this POS is a modern solution with a broad range of transactional capabilities, including online and offline usage and integrations with several peripheral devices.
  • Omni-Channel Commerce: Unify your data across all sales channels with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail application. This system offers seamless omni-channel inventory management capabilities, allowing you to maintain your inventory at optimal levels.
  • Effective Merchandising: The system’s merchandising tools enable your company to use a set of product, pricing and promotion management solutions to meet your business’ merchandising needs.
  • Optimized Operations: Dynamics 365 for Retail enables retailers to manage their channels from a central system, improving efficiency, consistency and coherency.
  • Customer Focus: Get a 360° view of your customers throughout their shopping journey so you can understand how to engage them better. Through loyalty programs, shopping patterns and wish lists, you can foster brand loyalty while also learning more about your shoppers.
  • Business Intelligence: The Microsoft Dynamics 365 system for Retail provides advanced business intelligence functions, advancing your data analytics and visualizations. These reports are made available directly at your POS, so your employees can make the most of the data in real time.
  • Empowered Employees: With greater functionality and more business intelligence, your employees are able to interact with your customers and the system with a greater level of understanding. System administrators can determine what data to parcel out and set system access levels to keep data safe, while still providing productive, personalized experiences for employees.


Key Benefits

These functions bring real results to retail companies of all sizes. A few benefits experienced by users of Dynamics 365 for Retail include:

  • Improve Shopping Experiences: Engage your customers in their shopping experience through cross-channel technology and personalized experiences, elevating your brand as a whole and encouraging repeat business.
  • Elevate Services: Equip your employees with the tools they need to deliver exceptional customer service. From customer and inventory information to effective scheduling, Dynamics 365 for Retail has what you need.
  • Optimize Operations: Get real-time, actionable data to help you make smarter business decisions.


Why Winfosoft?

Getting the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system for Retail in your business is the first step toward optimizing your retail business. The next step is implementing the system appropriately. Winfosoft can help.
Winfosoft is a Microsoft ERP Gold Certified Partner. As a partner, we provide support services for Microsoft ERP systems, using our years of experience in ERP and Cloud Services to help our customers make the most of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems. We’ll help you implement your system as effectively and efficiently as possible, so you can focus your efforts on your customer-facing functions.
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