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Project Service Automation

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation system enables organizations to deliver consistent customer engagement experiences with a comprehensive support system. This end-to-end sales, planning, delivery and billing solution helps these project-based organizations deliver engaging experiences on-time and within budgets, keeping costs low and systems running smoothly.

Project Service Automation Key Capabilities

The Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation system offers several functions to help automate services:

  • Opportunity Management: The Project Service Automation system includes an integrated sales dashboard, highlighting opportunities in each project to improve profitability and feasibility. The dashboard helps streamline the sales manager experience so they can quickly create projects and contracts, track labor costs and generate SOWs. The dashboard also allows managers and teams to collaborate in real-time, communicating with customers through an online customer portal to discuss project quotes, resources and details.
  • Project Planning: Integrated project templates help simplify the planning process, making it easier for sales managers to visualize costs, estimate resources and define project parameters. The system also makes use of Microsoft Project to provide a project scheduling and management suite, integrating the planning process into the workflow.
  • Resource Management: A consolidated scheduling engine helps optimize resource assignment tasks, ensuring that schedules match throughout all modes of service so the right people are placed on the right projects as soon as possible. With this system, all managers and sub-contractors are notified of their project responsibilities and can collaborate to more efficiently manage labor and resources. The system also empowers your company’s consultants to directly apply for positions and roles within projects, matching their skills to your project parameters through a mobile portal.
  • Team Collaboration: Office 365 productivity tools allow your team to communicate more effectively, with easy-to-use mobile solutions available to team members, customers and partners alike. Discuss project deliverables and tasks more quickly and efficiently with real-time status and performance indicators and updates, and react immediately when project risks arise.
  • Time and Expense Management: Integrate project time and expense reports with calendar-based solutions. Track project schedules, update ongoing labor costs and stay informed on project time estimates using project calendars so projects are delivered on-time and billed correctly. This system is even available on mobile devices for easy access.
  • Customer Billing: The system also includes a comprehensive billing dashboard, which allows project managers and customers to review, track and approve all costs involved in an ongoing project. The system also allows managers to automatically generate and distribute accurate invoices, sending them over email or through web portals. The system even integrates with the best back-office financial accounting applications, meaning less data entry responsibilities for managers and their teams.
  • Service Analytics: The system also uses robust analytics and interactive dashboards to keep your team updated on opportunities in your business. By monitoring company data, the system identifies opportunities and presents solutions to help optimize your business’ performance, delivering results through interactive, role-based dashboards to increase visibility.


Project Service Automation Benefits

With these capabilities, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation system benefits your company by:

  • Deepening Engagement: Support and grow your relationships with your customers by providing consistent experiences, optimizing customer communications channels and empowering your business to deliver more successful projects.
  • Empowering Teams: With more effective resource allocation and communications resources, your teams stay informed and engaged, improving productivity across projects and fostering coordination and creativity.
  • Optimizing Growth: With powerful analytics and support systems, your business is more capable of moving forward and fostering a culture of innovation.


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