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The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing system brings all your marketing resources together into a single solution. View your marketing content, data and processes in a single solution that brings Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud together. With this comprehensive marketing solution, you can deliver engaging customer experiences and consistent messaging at all touchpoints.

Marketing Key Capabilities

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing system uses several functions to create a unique marketing software solution. These capabilities include:

  • Gain Visibility of Customers: Dynamics 365 and Adobe Campaign combine and share data, enabling your team to get a common view of customers and customer interactions so they can consistently execute marketing messages. Align and coordinate marketing and sales efforts more effectively so you can deliver your messages and content more consistently across your customer base.
  • Improve Customer Experiences: With the common customer view across both Adobe Campaign and Dynamics 365 platforms, your business is better able to deliver personalized and relevant content to customers. Adjust experiences in real-time to align your marketing, sales and service efforts with customer interests, engaging customers more effectively and attaining higher customer response rates.
  • Drive Business: The Adobe Campaign and Dynamics 365 integration also features information to help close the sales and marketing loop, sharing lead, tracking and information to help deliver qualified leads to sellers and arm them with the information they need to shorten the sales cycle. Score and nurture leads more effectively with completely shared information, improved communication and a more efficient marketing to sales funnel.
  • Rely on a Robust Cloud: Microsoft and Adobe are supported by an industry-leading cloud system, which your business can use to support your digital transformation strategy. Make the most of Microsoft’s and Adobe’s experience and innovation by using Microsoft Azure. This trusted cloud system has the most comprehensive compliance coverage of all cloud providers, meaning your business can maintain compliance while using their system.


Marketing Benefits

With these capabilities, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing system benefits your company by:

  • Connecting Sales with Marketing: By sharing information more effectively between departments, the Microsoft and Adobe integration in the Marketing system promotes communication and coordination while using shared data to glean insights. All of these functions serve to increase business productivity and identify opportunities, indirectly improving revenue.
  • Delivering Unique Experiences: Provide consistent, personalized experiences to your customers every time. With more coordinated systems, you can ensure that every customer interaction is on message, regardless of the touchpoint or channel.
  • Selling More Efficiently: Sell your brand more effectively with more closely aligned sales and marketing teams and close deals faster with a more effective lead funneling system.
  • Driving Revenue: By pushing sales forward and optimizing lead development systems, your business drives profits even higher. With data and insights from the system, you can drive your revenues even higher by identifying opportunities for improvement.


Why Winfosoft?

All of these functions stand to benefit your business, but the system is uniquely complex. Navigating the system and setting it up can be difficult without the help of an experienced ERP specialist like Winfosoft.
Winfosoft is a Microsoft ERP Gold Certified Partner, offering years of experience in both Microsoft Dynamics, Adobe systems and other ERP and Cloud Systems. We use this extensive experience to help our customers implement their systems as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics system. With Winfosoft, you can get the competitive edge you need to succeed.
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