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Finance & Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise for Finance and Operations is an application designed to help businesses make smarter financial decisions. With real-time insights and intelligence, the Finance and Operations application enables businesses to evaluate their decisions, implement effective changes and gain the competitive edge they need. Even better, the system offers flexibility and scalability so that it can help businesses of all sizes and industries.

Key Capabilities

Just a few of the capabilities offered by Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations include:

  • Finance: Register financial transactions and manage your financial relationships more quickly than ever with a centralized financial system. This set of functions automates mundane functions while also offering financial insights to help support your accounting functions. This segment includes a general ledger, budget planning tools, custom financial reporting, credit and collections and cost accounting functions.
  • Manufacturing: Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates easily with your existing systems, especially your manufacturing functions, improving your product quality while pushing your business operations toward the future. This set of tools includes materials planning, scheduling and shop floor management tools so that you can maintain a comprehensive understanding of your manufacturing functions.
  • Supply Chain: Connect and visualize your supply chain from sales and logistics to production and warehousing. Streamline your vendor collaboration with purchase order management tools, and keep updated on your inventory status with control systems and valuation methods while managing your warehouses with improved communication tools. Adjust it all as necessary, forecasting your demand with business intelligence tools, and track every shipment from source to shelf.
  • Cloud Services: Help your IT department manage operations more effectively with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations application. With lifecycle services and flexible deployment options, your IT team can improve the agility of your system, while maintaining the high-level security your organization needs.
  • Workspaces: Connect your employees with the data and functions they require to optimize their functions and make better business decisions. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps accomplish this by offering complete analytical workspaces, containing the customizable quick links, rich visuals and real-time data your employees need to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Mobile Capabilities: This system is even available on a mobile app, mobilizing your processes and empowering your organization. Let your employees work from anywhere at any time, so you can keep customers happy and increase your employees’ productivity. The app includes several key functions for both account management and travel tracking, so your employees can get their jobs done right.


Key Benefits

With these tools and functions, your business can use the Dynamics 365 system for Finance and Operations to improve your operations. Such benefits include:

  • Improved Decisions: Use business intelligence in both your financial and business operations, so you can visualize your business in real time and make better, faster decisions.
  • Faster Implementation: Transform your business to meet your industry’s changing needs. With intelligence and management tools, your business can identify issues and quickly implement changes to fix them.
  • Greater Flexibility: The Finance and Operations application is a flexible and scalable system you can implement at your own pace to fit your business’ needs. This way, you get increased functionality that will continue to grow with your business.


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While these functions all stand to benefit your business, they can be difficult to navigate without the help of an experienced ERP specialist. Winfosoft can help. As a Microsoft ERP Gold Certified Partner, Winfosoft offers years of experience in both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other ERP and Cloud Systems, which we use to help our customers implement their systems in the best way possible. We’ll help your business make the most of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, giving you the competitive edge you need to succeed.
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