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Adobe Connector

The Adobe Campaign CRM Connector offers a groundbreaking integration between the Adobe Campaign system and Microsoft Dynamics 365. While in the past, lack of integration often led to inconsistent messaging and inefficient communications, Adobe Connector helps to link sales and marketing departments together with an integrated solution. The result is a more cohesive system that facilitates more unified efforts between the two departments.

Key Capabilities

The Adobe Campaign integration with Dynamics 365 enables companies to synchronize their CRM and intelligence data into a unified system, including lead, contact, account and opportunity data. By making this data readily available, the Adobe Connector system enables marketing and sales teams to work from the same knowledge base.
The Adobe Campaign and Dynamics 365 integration accomplishes this level of cohesiveness with several key capabilities and functions, including:

  • Web Services API: The fully configurable web services API, derived from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, is the base upon which the rest of the integration functions, consisting of a graphical wizard that enables the user to map database objects.
  • Bi-Directional Synchronization: When data is altered on one side of an integration, it doesn’t always result in the data being updated on both sides. Adobe Connector prevents this disconnect through bi-directional data synchronization. With bi-directional data synchronization, both your business’ marketing and sales departments can see your data updates in real time, facilitating more consistent and professional communication, which helps to nurture leads and improve the efficacy of marketing efforts.


Key Benefits

The Adobe Connector application of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system offers these capabilities, which greatly benefit businesses by offering:

  • Greater Flexibility: By bridging the gap between marketing and sales systems, Adobe Campaign’s integration with Dynamics 365 provides a unified system for your business. With flexible messaging, data, access and sharing systems, you can quickly react to anything the market throws at you.
  • Consistent Messaging: The Adobe integration gives your sales and marketing teams the tools necessary to maintain consistent messaging, whether they’re selling products or expanding on a marketing campaign.
  • Holistic Data Viewing: View all of your prospect and customer data within your CRM system and your marketing system. This allows anyone on your marketing and sales teams to see data in real time, so they can make the best use of it.
  • Fully Enabled Reporting: Analyze your data and develop complete reports using all the data compiled from your Adobe Campaign and Dynamics 365 systems. This can include everything from lead generation to campaign effectiveness and can give you a holistic look at the success of your marketing campaigns.


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The best way to make the most of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system and Adobe Connect is by implementing the systems properly. Winfosoft can help.
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