Life Sciences

Global changes in manufacturing are creating a new industrial revolution
The life sciences industry is one of the most complex industries in the world. Scientific advances are revolutionizing the process of finding and developing new drugs and medical products. The time-to-market and profitability pressures are intense.
Being the first company to market and patent a new product is a key indicator of potential success. Nothing is more critical than access to real-time information on production process operations. Life sciences companies depend on this data to make sound business decisions, maintain compliance, and run efficiently. However, according to PwC’s 2017 analysis of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies, organizations looking to adopt data analytics strategies are restricted by a lack of big data talent. To productively collaborate with patients and analyze research data, life sciences companies should use ERP software from Winfosoft.

Demanding on Every Level

Life sciences organizations of all sizes need information systems that can manage and analyze large amounts of data quickly in a stable, reliable, and, above all, secure way.
Winfosoft is a Microsoft Certified Value Added Reseller providing consulting, application specific solutions, and life sciences ERP software for Life Sciences Manufactures and Distributors such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, and Bio Technology.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Dynamics AX helps life science companies meet the stringent data validation, security, and process integrity requirements mandated by the FDA while leveraging the power of integrated Microsoft business systems.

  • – Batch records management and traceability
  • – Quality Management
  • – Electronic Signature on Processes and Data
  • – Bar coding and data collection
  • – Adverse event reporting
  • – Restricted sales
  • – FDA compliance
  • – Sales and Customer Relationship Management
  • – Product life-cycle and project management
  • – Contract Manufacturing
  • – Vendor management
  • – Financial Management and performance analysis